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Forum Content are audio recordings, videos, articles, handouts and other materials from our annual forums.

2014 Forum

2014 CSN Forum Recap with Trish Crossley

CSN Podcast host Derek Sisterhen and CSN Board Member Trish Crossley summarize the 2014 CSN Forum at Gateway Church, Dallas TX.

2014 CSN Forum Tuesday AM David Briggs Devotional

David Briggs sharing the morning’s devotional thought.

2014 CSN Forum Tuesday PM Dave Briggs Senior Pastor Alignment

Dave Briggs shares on getting aligned with your Senior Pastor

2014 CSN Forum Tuesday PM Dick Towner Passing the Baton

Dick Towner shares keys to Passing the Stewardship Baton to the future Stewardship Leaders

2014 CSN Forum Tuesday PM Gunnar Johnson Group Discussion

Gunnar Johnson facilitates a Group Discussion

2014 CSN Forum Wednesday AM CSN Board Q & A

CSN Board conducts Q & A session

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