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Articles are submitted documents specific to stewardship that are submitted by CSN members.

What are white papers? A white paper is an authoritative report or guide that often addresses issues and how to solve them. White papers are used to educate readers and help people make decisions.

We will keep these updated to help keep you informed about what is happening in stewardship ministry and how you can affect change in your local Body.

The Attributes Of A Biblically Generous Church

How do we discern “every wind of doctrine” from true theological revelation? How can the diverse community of faith distinguish passing theological fads from lasting and relevant spiritual insights?

Living Generously in Tumultuous Times

If the economy is undergoing Hurricane Katrina-like devastation, churches are enduring only a severe thunderstorm, according to research by the Leadership Network, an organization focused on church innovation and growth strategies. The research summarizes, “While all churches are closely monitoring their finances, and the situation is worsening for some, in general most churches are cautious but holding steady—and churches that are growing are doing well economically.” Surprisingly, 63 percent of pastors responded in January that they believed their churches would meet 2009 budgets.

A Steward's View of the Economic Crisis

On a local talk-radio station, the talk-show host was saying the financial problems we are facing are the result of the greed of the big shots on Wall Street, coupled with the inept bank, government, and security regulators who allowed the system to get out of control and fail. Perhaps there were individuals and groups who were seeking an unrealistic gain at the expense of others and used illegitimate means to gain what they wanted.

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